What do you do when you have twin door cabinets that need locking or when you want to lock two drawers without having a locking bar? The answer – CL Twin Bolt Lock. The Twin Bolt Lock is the solution for these applications. The lock has two locking bolts positioned 90 degrees from each other, that protrude from the body with the operation of the key. This allows the cabinets to be locked in two positions, making it extremely functional in locking cabinets of that nature. Provided with two striker plates to lock one bolt to the cupboard or cabinet and the other bolt locks to the second door. The CL Twin Bolt Lock is the preferred choice in the industry.

Specs & Dimensions
  • CL Twin Bolt Lock range has a square base and is made of diecast zinc.
  • This lock range has an interchangeable barrel system. The lock can accept our range of CC, CD, GA dimple and CL4 wave design barrels. Barrels need to be ordered separately from the lock bodies.
  • The standard operation is where each square locking bolt shoots out, one locking at a 12 o’clock locking position, the other at a 9 o’clock locking position. Of course, the lock body can be repositioned to suit any particular need but as the cylinder is offset on the casing, care needs to be taken with measuring before drilling anything other than a standard fixing.
  • 18mm cylinder diameter with a 22mm projection is the standard model.
  • Fixing hole size is 19mm and suits timber door thicknesses of 16mm-20mm.
  • The key is removable in both the locked and unlocked positions. Turn 180 degrees to operate.
  • The set includes the lock body, a bezel and two strikes, one L shaped with a square bolt hole (DK180) & the other a flat strike (SSTRIKECL).
  • Master and removal key available.
  • Lock specifications are; body 42mm x 42mm, with a 12.5mm thick body thickness, standard cylinder housing length of 22mm with an 18mm diameter barrel, bolt width is 16mm and the bolt projection is 9mm.
  • Available in a chrome plate finish.

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