CL make a smart collection of digital combination locks, ideal for cupboards, lockers and cabinets. The CL 4 dial cabinet locks have been successfully used within industry circles and offer functionality, ease of use and a sleek appearance on all manners of cabinets. The smaller 821 model is ideal for a wide selection of office & locker doors, whilst the 857 model is suitable full size metal cabinet doors with a pristine key override function.

Specs & Dimensions


The CL 857 Digital cabinet lock is made for full size metal cabinet doors. It has a 4 dial operating code and a fully operating key override if the code is lost or forgotten. The advanced scrambling feature activates when the correct code is entered. Upon turning and opening the knob, the correct code will be removed from the vision of prying eyes and revert back to a standard 0-0-0-0 code.

  • The 0-0-0-0 code cannot be used as an operating code. A new number must be set upon locking.
  • Available in public mode, meaning a new code can be generated for each locking of the cabinet, such as a gym locker. However, it allows for a personal code to be used if that configuration is required.
  • Each individual dial has a clear plastic window to prevent the numbers fading or becoming identifiable through consistent usage.
  • There is also 4 code finding tabs on the inside of the lock body, allowing for the code to be found if this rare situation arises.
  • Offers a true key override feature in case the code is lost. Two keys are provided with the lock.
  • The turning knob has a positive single throw action, with a 15mm grip projection which allows an easy to turn grip.
  • Body size of 132mm(L) x 52mm(W) x 37mm(D).
  • Cam projection of 32mm.
  • Horizontal orientation only.
  • Four push in tabs to locate the body into the carcass of the cabinet.
  • Available in a black finish with a red turn knob.


The 821 dial digital combination locks are the perfect companion for short hire locker locks, permanent lockers or applications where users want additional security. With a streamlined modern design, easy installation, and suitable for timber or metal doors, the 821 dial digital combination cabinet locks offer advanced functionality by allowing public or personal mode. Public mode requires a new code every time a user opens the locker making it ideal for single use lockers, whereby personal mode is where the same code and no one can change the combination whilst the door is opened. Available in left or right hand models and sleek black or white finishes, the 821 dial digital combination cabinet lock will complement any installation.

  • New knob design allows an easier, more positive grip and offers a better turning action.
  • Ideal for lockers.
  • Easy to change the code.
  • Left and right hand models. If the door is hinged on the left, you order a left hand model (4DIALCLHLHN). If the door is hinged on the right, you order a right hand model (4DIALCLHRHN).
  • Comes with 2 settings – public or personal.
  • Public is where you can use a different code each time you open the locker, ideal for single use lockers.
  • Personal is where you can use the same code all the time and someone else can not change the code on you whilst the door is opened.
  • Body size of 86.8mm x 24mm.
  • Cam projection of 35mm.
  • If the code is lost, a code finding key is available. By inserting the key and turning it 180 degrees, this enables the finder to turn a wheel until it stops on the correct number. Do that for each of the four wheels and the code is found. Turn the key back 180 degrees and remove the key.
  • Does not come with a code finding key for security reasons. If needed, this needs to be purchased at the time of ordering or later if required.
  • Easy to install.
  • Suits timber or metal doors.
  • Great streamlined design.
  • Available in a black or white finish.

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