The CL Flush Locks are a must have aesthetically smooth, strong, and recessed designed lock that seamlessly blends into cabinet furniture. Available with the choice of a key only flush lock or a 4 dial digital combination flush lock, these units are proven to last to maximise return on investment. These locks are not part of the interchangeable barrel system, due to the unique nature of the barrel construction. Locks are supplied with the barrels already in place.

Specs & Dimensions


The CL 830 Digital flush lock is ideal for cabinet furniture or lockers where this cam lock sits flush with the furniture offering a smooth finish. It has a 4 dial operating code and a code finding facility (by use of a code finding key) to use if the code is lost or forgotten.

  • Available in a public model. If private mode is required, simply select that option by operating a 180 degree turn on the back of the lock.
  • Fits metal cabinets with a thickness of between 0.6mm and 1mm.
  • Turn handle operates at 90 degrees movement.
  • Dimensions of 102mm x 76mm and is 31mm in depth, that excludes the face of the lock which is 7.4mm thick.
  • Fixing hole size required is 93.5mm x 65mm.
  • Lock is held in place by locking tabs moulded into the carcass of the lock.
  • Cam is a caulked design and locking projection is 30mm.
  • Visual indicator of open and closed on the flush handle face.
  • If the code is lost, a code finding key is available. By inserting the key and turning it 180 degrees, this enables the finder to turn a wheel until it stops on the correct number. Do that for each of the four wheels and the code is found. Turn the key back 180 degrees and remove.
  • Does not come with a code finding key for security reasons. If needed, this needs to be purchased at the time of ordering or later if required.
  • Slide and hold button feature ensure that the selected locking code is retained until purposely changed.
  • Available in a black finish.


The CL 552R flush mount cabinet lock is suitable for metal cabinet installations. It is made from strong zinc alloy diecast for endurance and can be master keyed for added convenience.

  • Fits metal cabinets with a thickness of between 0.8mm & 1mm.
  • Cam locks horizontally in a 9 o’clock position, handle turns 45 degrees clockwise to unlock.
  • Body measures 71mm x 105mm with an all inclusive depth of 30mm.
  • Barrel is a 180 degree operation.
  • Fixing hole size required is 65.5mm x 94mm.
  • Originally supplied with a M1 master key series but now on our normal MT master key series.
  • Locks are master keyed and master keys are available, use master key stamped MCC1 for the 2015 models (K-079-93-MCC1) & the master key stamped MCCT for the post 2015 models (K-018-93-A).
  • Key removable in both locked and unlocked positions.
  • Easy to install with a supplied spring clip.
  • Made of zinc alloy diecast, both black lock body and chrome plated handle.


The CL 553R flush mount cabinet lock has a quick fix locating action without any additional security needed. Like the CL 552R model, this product is also a vertically fixed recessed handle for use on metal cabinets, but with a greater range of metal thickness.

  • Suitable for metal thickness of 0.6mm – 1.0mm.
  • Cam locks horizontally in the 3 or 9 o’clock position.
  • Fits into a fixing hole of 65.5mm x 93.5mm.
  • Barrel is a 180 degree operation.
  • Key removable in locked and unlocked positions.
  • Can be key locked in either open or closed positions.
  • Has a quick fix locating action without any additional securing needed.
  • Handle has a visible locked/unlocked indicator and 90 degree turn operation.
  • Supplied on a master keyed CC broach barrel as standard with the MT master key series.
  • Made of sturdy bakelite construction with a black finish.

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