Push Locks are a common locking type that is ideal for securing items in sliding timber, acrylic and glass doors. The advantage of the CL Push Lock is that it can be quickly secured without inserting the key, simply by pushing in the lock. On a busy trading day, this is a perfect feature to ensure assets are quickly secured to stop any opportunistic theft. Made of strong diecast zinc for added security, the CL Push Lock is the perfect partner with your business.

Specs & Dimensions
  • CL push lock range is made of diecast zinc, it is push in locking, no key is required when locking the cabinet. Key required to unlock the unit.
  • This lock range has an interchangeable barrel system. The lock can accept our range of CC, CD, GA dimple and CL4 wave design barrels. Barrels need to be ordered separately from the lock bodies.
  • Master and removal key available.
  • The key is removable in both the locked and unlocked positions. Turn 60 degrees to operate at which point the barrel will release and spring open.
  • 7mm diameter locking pin with a M5 internal thread. There is a 5mm extension pin available if required (DU-036-16). Locking pin has a 9.5mm projection.
  • 18mm cylinder diameter with a 22mm projection length and a 7.6mm protrusion.
  • Fixing hole size required is 19mm.
  • Ideal for fixing into timber with a range of 16-20mm thick.
  • All lock housings are supplied with a bezel as standard.
  • Assembly and removal instructions for the barrel; can only be installed when correctly lined up with profile inside lock housing, and barrel can only be inserted and removed at 22.5 degrees from vertical.
  • To remove the barrel, rotate the key to 22.5 deg from the vertical, remove the key and insert the removal key then remove the barrel.
  • Lock specifications are; 42mm flange to flange, with 32mm screw centre to centre, the flange is 18mm wide.
  • Available in a chrome plate finish.

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